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Last week specialists of Astana city hospital №1 together with doctors of emergency aid SRI named after N.V.Sklifisovsky conducted an operation on living-related liver transplantation for the first time ever. Biological son of the 55-year old patient became the donor. Now the condition of mother and son is stable.

First indications of the disease were skin itching and constitutional faint. In 2011 patient got an appointment with a hepatologists, and a  diacrisis was made – Hanot’s cirrhosis. The patient many times admitted to the city hospital №1 with esophageal varicose veins bleeding. The only way to save her life was to conduct liver transplantation. Doctors of the capital city hospital №1 together with their colleagues from emergency aid SRI named after N.V.Sklifisovsky decided to perform such operation.

Currently over one thousand of Kazakhstani people need liver transplantation. In Kazakhstan transplant activity is quite low and it depends on a variety of causes. Most patients are directed to foreign clinics for treatment. But it is worth noting that by virtue of realization of the state healthcare development program “Salamatty Kazakhstan” national medicine systematically and surely develops its tertiary care system. Internals transplantation operations, recently considered as single surgeon’s show case, become daily reality.

This liver transplantation operation is the eighth in succession in the Republic and it is the first operation conducted under the conditions of the capital hospital.

Sarsenbayev Yerbol Zhaksylykovich,

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